5 Omaha Date Night Ideas- Round 3

omaha date night ideas

Want some Omaha date night ideas?

If you’ve already read our first round or second round of date nights, then I’ve got a brand new batch for you here.

And much like the other previous 10 Omaha date nights, I’ve tried to vary the price points and experience so that any couple can find at least one new idea to try.

Let’s roll.

The Backline Review (Improv)

Remember watching “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and thinking that you wish you could be as funny as those guys. Well…there’s hope for you, my friend!

Turns out that very few people are entirely gifted in improv comedy and most develop that skill through instruction. The Backline can help with that.

We showed up on a Tuesday night for their FREE drop-in workshop. There were 5 of us total and we were led by their owner/instructor, Dylan Rohde.

Neither Tommy or I had any idea what we were doing, but all the mini lessons built into the beginning of the workshop progressively help you get comfortable with improv. It’s way more dynamic and nuanced than you think.

In short, though, we had a blast. We were put in different and random situations (ie Wal-Mart store greeter about to open the doors on Black Friday) that stretched our comedic abilities…or lack thereof. In addition to improving our quick-wit, I also think it can help for those looking to improve public speaking and/or overcoming stage fright.

You seriously don’t have to be funny to go here. You just need to be able to laugh with and at yourself.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This?

Those who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone or a couple looking to go beyond “dinner and a movie” would get a kick out of this. No need to see the movie, you are the movie!

Improv is letting go of what people think about you and putting yourself out there. And in total honesty, most of us could use a little help in that area.

Cost: FREE! It doesn’t get any cheaper. They even have some free shows or extremely cheap shows ($3-$10 a ticket).

Advanced Air Review (Discovery Flight)

Want to have an appropriate place to wear your aviator glasses? How about flying an airplane?

Advanced Air in Council Bluffs is one of the few places left that offer “Discovery Flights”. Obviously, we have been on an airplane, but never in the cockpit…flying the plane…and landing it.

We arrived around 5 PM and within a few minutes were walking towards the Cessna 172 to get ready to take off. Our pilot instructor, Blake, spent several minutes inspecting the plane and going through his checklist. (Tommy and I spent that time taking dorky photos inside the plane)

As we turned it on, Blake instructed me on how to taxi down the runway while explaining the functions of the million controls in the cockpit. About 15 seconds before we took off, he turns to me and says, “Do you want to take the plane off?”

Sure…why not?

With his guidance, I can say I successfully took the plane up into the air. We flew around downtown Omaha as the sun was setting and as the sky darkened, we got to enjoy all the Christmas lights from 2,000 feet up. Seriously breathtaking.

I got to control and turn the plane for the majority of the ride and as the time neared the end, once again, I was given the option to land. Blake guided me through the process and landing a small plane is actually a piece of cake.

Discovery flights aren’t just meant for “would be pilots”, but also for regular people who thought it might be cool to someday fly a plane.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This?

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind or ultra special date night, this would be it. Flying a plane is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Also, if you enjoy roller coasters then you’ll love the opportunity to do a zero-gravity drop in the air. (I, on the other hand, saw my life flashing before my very eyes.)

Note: I’m about 5’4 and 115 lbs (on a good day) and the seats are a snug fit.

Cost: $84 for a half hour ride with up to 3 passengers (great for that third wheel in your life)


Flying Timber Review

Holy plaid shirts! Flying Timber is the perfect place to release your desire for wielding dangerous objects. We arrived on a Saturday night to a packed house of ax-throwers.

Right after you check in, you’re given the option to purchase some adults beverages before heading towards your lane. Because alcohol makes you better at throwing axes or at least gives you the impression you will be 😉

We headed to our lane and our instructor, Jace, went through the formal instruction and rules of ax throwing. Tommy and I had a few practice shots and then we began throwing for points.

Jace stayed nearby to help give us tips or correct our form. It didn’t feel intrusive at all and we welcomed any advice he had to give. Slowly, but surely, we got better to the point of being able to throw one-handed. Towards the end, we started playing “AXE” or “TIMBER” which is basically a game of basketball “HORSE”.

While you would think an hour of throwing axes between two people would get old, the hour flew by. We had more chances to throw (since it was only us two) so our skill and instruction evolved faster.

And in case you’re wondering, Tommy beat me overall.

Tangent: If you’re in the area of Flying Timber, you absolutely MUST check out Monarch Prime and Bar. We had one of the best dining experiences in our life. Tomahawk steak anyone??? See my Yelp review here.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This?

This is the perfect place for couples or group dates. Not that we didn’t have fun with just the two of us, but it would have been more fun and competitive to go against others.

We were also surprised to see how many groups of females were there. So not only would “the guys” enjoy this but clearly, ax throwing is the new girls night out???

Cost: $20/hr per person or $35/hr per person for a 2-hour block.


Oasis Massage and Spa Review

Tommy and I booked our very first couples massage at Oasis Massage and Spa and got in on a Wednesday afternoon. We arrived a bit before our appointment to fill out their intake form and  were led back to our room.

While I’ve had massages before, this was his very first professional massage…ever.

We met our therapists and each got an opportunity to discuss what areas we wanted to focus on in our massage. They did a really good job with not only targeting the areas we requested, but the right amount of pressure and touch.

Both women were mindful of silence and really only engaged with us when they had questions or requests (turn on your back, etc.). The only distracting things were when I snickered a few times during the massage. Turns out, I’m much more ticklish than I thought.

The atmosphere of both the business and massage room was very tranquil. Quiet music, earth tone colors, and serene decor. It was so easy to unwind.

I also think this is the first time I’ve gotten a massage in the same room as my husband and have it not lead to anything else! And to top it off, I fell asleep that night from 8 PM- 6 AM for an incredibly restful 10 hours.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This?

Even for my husband who doesn’t like massages (or so he thought), he really enjoyed this. We both enjoy working out so it does the body so much good to have the tensions released.

And guys, if you want to romance your woman then I suggest a massage. Women like massages (with no strings attached) and we rarely treat ourselves to them. 😉 😉 😉

Cost: $91 for 30 minutes, $155 for 1 hour, or $215 for 90 minutes. Our one hour felt like just the right amount of time.


Disney’s Aladdin at the Orpheum Review

If you’re uncultured like us, then go see this musical. If you like musicals and plays, then go see this musical. Even if you don’t think you would enjoy musicals, go see this musical.

For this being our very first time (I know, I know) at a Broadway musical, we were blown away. The cast, dancing, music, props, pyrotechnics, and costumes were nothing short of impeccable. It felt like the production spared no expense and the audience got to take part in the wonder.

Everything was so flawlessly brought together and several times I caught myself in complete awe of the performance. It was like being a kid all over again.

One of the things we both loved was the right amount of humor and wit in the script. It was funny and timely, yet completely family-friendly.

Watching Aladdin as my first musical has completely changed my perspective on performing arts. I’m hooked and already thinking ahead of what we might see next.

And without giving too much away, my favorite scene was when they did “A Whole New World”. Without any reservation, Tommy and I are telling you that you must see Aladdin while it’s still in town.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This?

In addition to romantic couples, we saw several Dad/Daughter duos, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, and generational groups (Grandma, Mom, and Daughter). You could literally take anyone you know and both have a great time.

Because this is truly a family-friendly production, anyone that simply enjoys a well-orchestrated show will love seeing this. Do yourself a favor and go check this out!

Cost: The show will go until Sunday, January 27th and tickets range from $35-$150/ticket.



Have you tried any of these? Agree or disagree with my reviews?

Or better yet…am I missing any that we should be trying? Comment below!



  1. I’ve been dyyyying to go to a show OR array the axe throwing!!!!!

    1. Seriously, don’t miss Aladdin!

  2. I really want to try the discovery flight now! I had no idea that was an option around here.

    1. Neither did we until we asked them! Very few people realize it’s a great date night option.

  3. I’d love to do a couples massage. It sounds so relaxing, and my hubby has never had one either.

    1. Valentine’s is just around the corner…

  4. Fun ideas! I did 12 months of date nights for my hubby for Christmas. We go to Flying Timbers tomorrow night! Thanks for the recommendation for Monarch…we will definitely try it out!!

    1. What a great idea! You’ll have to let me know what you thought of Monarch!

  5. The improv night looks so fun! I’m a little nervous about the axe throwing but so many people have told me how great it is!

    1. The instructors are really great! There were some “nervous” people around us and even they eased up over the course of time.

  6. Great review, Cam! They all sound amazing… I’m thinking Aladdin could be next on our list!

    1. Thanks, friend! If you have a chance, you gotta check out Aladdin!

  7. So I honestly want to try all of these!! But the airplane one sounds super fun and not even that expensive for such a fun experience!

    1. It’s really a lot more affordable than most people think and such an underrated date night!

  8. This was a fun post!! I want to do axe throwing!!

    1. I could totally see you doing it!

  9. We would totally do ax throwing or go see aladdin!!

    1. As much as you love Disney, go see Aladdin before they leave!!!

  10. I would love to see Aladdin!

    1. Definitely do it, we cannot recommend it enough!

  11. Very insightful. I’m sure my wife would love to chuck some axes around for awhile.

    1. I can see her doing that…and enjoying it…

  12. I think flying a plane would be stellar!

    These were great options for date nights!

    1. Yes, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience for sure!

  13. Love your reviews!! I think all of them sound amazing, but the flight might be top on my list! Thanks!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, flying is such a neat experience!

  14. Great post! I would be terrified during the flying one, but I love a good laugh so I may try out The Backline!

    1. Flying can be intimidating, but the Backline is super fun and super FREE!

  15. I already reached out for the airplane ride! How fun! Found this on Reddit and was happy to read!

    1. That’s so awesome, hope you have a great time!

  16. I want to see Aladdin!! But they all sound fun!

    1. Adrienne, you would LOVE Aladdin!

  17. I would love to try a couples massage !

    1. Can’t go wrong with that one, it’s a great option!

  18. We are always trying to find new things to do for dates rather than the traditional dinner and movie (BORING) I think we would love to try the axe throwing! A lot of anger release and fun lol ?

    1. Axe throwing for sure will release any pent up rage haha!

  19. Cam,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. Another great one! I love the date ideas especially the improv night…ssstretching for me but Mike would love it. Count us in for the drawing…Thanks!
    Beth McGrath

    1. Thanks, Beth! You should at least show up for the FREE Workshop!

  20. Axe throwing!

    1. You guys would love it!

  21. I really want to try the airplane one! Also the axe throwing, but seriously the airplane one! This sounds so cool!

    1. Lucky for you I’m drawing a winner for the airplane ride as well!

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    1. Maybe start with going to an improv show and simply be observers? Yep, go check out the other 10 date night ideas, so much fun!

  23. Nice blog. I like the Flying Timber idea. We could double date with our friends!

    1. Thanks, Thom! It would be such a great place for a couples date!

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    1. It is!

  25. Love this, Cam!
    I want to try axe throwing and what a great idea for a date night! Aladdin too!

    1. Thanks, Lori! Go see Aladdin while they’re still here!

  26. These ideas for date nights are great, and I can’t wait to try some of them! I think I’m most intrigued by flying!

    1. The word is out on flying so make sure to book soon!

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    1. Thanks, Darien! I’m giving a flight date night away so good luck!

  28. A massage sounds like a wonderful date idea!

    1. They’re so great!

  29. We LOVE Orpheum shows so we would love to see Aladdin! Always trying to grab some last minute discount tickets.

    1. That’s a really clever idea! Make sure to check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and also Nextdoor.

  30. Thank you for all the reviews! It’s so hard sometimes to know what’s worth trying! I’m thinking about trying the improv and the axe throwing! I think my husband would get a kick out of that!

    1. Oh they’re so fun! Tommy and I both enjoyed all these experiences.

  31. Oasis massage.

    1. Yes, so relaxing!

  32. Love these ideas and date nights! Flying is one thing we would have never thought of but now adding to our list!

    1. Thanks! Flying is definitely a unique date night!

  33. Really all sound like fun but I think my husband and I would love the airplane ride. That would be awesome!

    1. Yes, you have to decide who gets to ride shotgun!

  34. I had no idea some of these were even offered in Omaha! I’d do the axe throwing! My fiance would love it!

    1. Glad you were able to discover some new ideas, axe throwing is really fun!

  35. Omigosh such great ideas. We don’t get many dates nights so thank you for giving us some fun options for when we do! The axe throwing sounds so fun!!!!

    1. Wait 4 kids and you don’t get out often?!? Good luck on winning, there will be 3 giveaways.

  36. This is great! I never even knew some of these existed. I am scared of heights but to be able to fly would be cool.

    1. I’m scared of heights and roller coasters, but you will do just fine!

  37. These are all fun different ideas! We’ve been to a comedy show at Backline, but I didn’t know they did lessons. The Discovery Flight looks like a lot of fun!!

    1. The lessons are something we are strongly considering…

  38. LOVE your post! It’s so informative. I’d like to try them all but if I had to choose just one it would be axe throwing.

    1. Thank you! I’ll be giving away an axe-throwing package too!

  39. The massages sound amazing!!!

    1. Oh and they indeed were.

  40. I want to try them all! But if I had to pick just one, I guess Aladdin..or the flying lesson..or the Axe throwing…lol!

    1. I would say Aladdin first since they’re only in town for another week and then axes for sure!

  41. I can’t wait to try the axe throwing!

    1. Stay tuned…giving away an axe-throwing package too!

  42. Great article! We loved throwing axes! I would love to take my husband for a couples massage though! Lord knows we need it with a two and three year old!

    1. Two toddlers for sure would be a good excuse to get massages!

  43. So fun! Massages or airplane ride would be awesome! All look fun!

  44. Never knew about the discovery flights… will have to try that!

    1. Most people don’t, but they said people are starting to realize it’s a date night option for more than “would be” pilots.

  45. Airplane, massage or flying timber would all be fun!

    1. All good options!

  46. Hello! New to your page and this is my first post! I first saw your list of happy hours in Lincoln.

    I am totally sharing your page and going to ask my boyfriend to take me flying!

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for stopping by! And yes, have your boyfriend for sure take you!

  47. I would love to check out Flying Timber! We have tickets to see Aladdin next Friday — your review has me pumped!

    1. I’m excited you get a chance to go! Flying Timber is definitely something everyone should try!

  48. Great ideas, especially the massage and axe throwing!

    1. Yes, they were so fun!

  49. Love this!! Definitely massages or an airplane flight would be at the top of our list 🙂

    1. Yeah, so fun and enjoyable in their own respects.

  50. Love the idea of flying a plane! We’ve done a simulation before but the real deal would be amazing! Thanks for the great ideas. We really enjoy Flying Timbers!

    1. Yes, nothing like flying a real airplane (you do a lot more flying than you think they would let you)!

  51. So fun! I would be all over the axe throwing or flying!!! Getting Nick to a musical would be like trying to get him to the doctor….

    1. We didn’t think we were musical people either, but it was incredible!

  52. Great reviews! I would want to do the axe throwing because who wouldn’t want to throw an axe! ??

    1. Right?!?

  53. I’d love to try axe throwing or the musical. We love musicals!!!

    1. Both are really fun, definitely give it a try!

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    1. Thank you! Definitely go see Aladdin, such a phenomenal show!

  55. I was just telling my husband that we need a date night! Massages would be amazing!

    1. Literally can’t go wrong with a couples massage.

  56. Would love to fly. Definitely next on my to do list

    1. Yep! Highly recommend it!

  57. Aladdin!!!! It you gave us so many other options we want to try to!

    1. You’ll totally love it if you go!

  58. I had no idea the Airplane rides would be so affordable- that’s my pick! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Yeah, I didn’t either! It’s a lot less than most people think and very few people know that it’s a date night option.

  59. I love massages, but that small plane trip sound fun too…..thanks for ideas…

    1. Definitely go check both out, they’re all fun in their own way.

  60. I’d say “most likely” to try next would be Aladdin (because we’d probably end up with kids in tow ?), but our back when we were dating I could totally see us trying the ax throwing!

    1. You can totally do both!

  61. This is such a great idea!! Especially for busy parents who may need so en”fun” compared to just dinner and a movie!! I am intrigued by the flight experience and would love to see Aladdin!! Can’t wait to see more reviews!!!!

    1. Aladdin is only in town for about another week so definitely go see it!

  62. It’s so much fun!

  63. Axe throwing fa sho!

    1. Yes, that totally sounds like you guys!

  64. Yeah!!

  65. Aladdin for me and Ax Throwing for the husband probably. Hahaha. But honestly I would do all of these!

    1. Yeah girl. But for real, go check out Aladdin!

  66. Yeah it was such a fun idea, shoot for sunset if you can!

  67. Would love to do the discovery flight!

    1. I’m giving one away and now you’re entered!

  68. Cam they are all such unique ideas! We would enjoy the couples massage and a throwing. We are going to see Aladdin tomorrow!

    1. SO fun! Wasn’t Aladdin incredible? You’d love the other two options.

  69. Definitely Flying Timber and Aladdin! All 5 are amazing but being a kid for a couple hours at the Orpheum & then going to drink beer and throw axes?!? Does it get any better?!?!? ?

    1. I’d say it doesn’t get better, go do it!

  70. We would be most likely to try axe throwing! My husband would love to fly, but being in a tiny plane would freak me out! I’d love to see Aladdin too, because I love Broadway anything but there are others my husband would prefer. So axe throwing for the win. 🙂

    1. Axe throwing seems to be where a lot of other couples meet in the middle.

  71. Flying timber sounds like a great time laughing. DH is great at darts and I’m not. This may level the playing field.

    1. Yes, I sure hope so! I, unfortunately, loss but we put no wager on things.

  72. I would be all over axe throwing and then a couples massage after!

    1. Not a bad option to do two in one night!

  73. I would love to go see Aladdin!!

    1. It’s a must!

  74. Advance air review? Wow that’s something I would want to try! I have heard of the ace throwing but haven’t had a chance to go…now that I know monarch had a tomahawk, my bf and I have to check both out!

    1. Yep, make sure to call Monarch ahead to ensure they have one on hand. (and reserve it!)

  75. I would love to try any but improv night but I had no idea the flight simulation was even an option around here!

    1. Many people didn’t realize it was even an option. Go do both, the improv night is free anyways 🙂

  76. The discovery flight sounds so different and exciting! It’s our anniversary this coming week and this was a fun read to find something new. Thanks.

    1. Definitely book it soon! I bet it would look so neat to see Omaha after fresh snow.

  77. The discovery flight would be so much fun!

    1. Yes, it’s a great option!

  78. That Orpheum date night sounds fabulous!

    1. Yes, catch Aladdin if you can otherwise, good luck on the drawing!

  79. I would die to go flying or couples massage. Both things I would have to make my husband, out of his comfort zone. I also really want to sky dive….bucket list!!

    1. Both are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but you’d love either!

  80. Flying Timber Axe Throwing seems really fun, I’d love to try that for a date night!

    1. Yes, we had a blast!

  81. Axe throwing for sure! Great write up!

    1. Thanks, Chad!

  82. Definitely axe throwing!!

    1. Can’t go wrong there!

  83. My husband would probably freak out with the Discovery flight, I think that sounds so cool though! We would both enjoy a massage and have never tried Flying Timber.

    The hubs is big into jazz and a nice cozy night at the Holland sounds like something we would probably NEVER do – my vote would be for the show at the Holland this weekend 🙂

    1. Yeah, both great options. The evening of jazz music would be perfect, good luck in the drawing!

  84. Great dates girl!! The Discovery Flight sounds like so much fun! But also the improv as laughter is so so good! Fun!! ❤️

    1. Do both! Only one of them will cost you anything, anyways.

  85. This is awesome! Would love to try the axe throwing for sure!

    1. I could see you throwing axes 🙂

  86. I would love to try flying an airplane as a date. I had no idea it was an option, and an affordable one at that. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

    1. Yes! We were surprised how affordable it was, too!

  87. My boyfriend have planning on trying the ace throwing! We are goofy and competitive by nature, so it would suit us ?

    1. Oh definitely, really great for a competitive couple!

  88. So much fun! I’ll probably leave the flying to Ry?. Couples massage, throwing axes…both sound like a great night

    1. Yes, you’d love them both!

  89. These are my favorite posts. My husband and I are newish to Omaha and we don’t get out nearly enough. We were looking for something fun to do on the town since we don’t know many people yet and I am so excited to try all your recommendations! MORE MORE MORE! 🙂

    1. Hey Shelley, glad you found these useful! There will surely be more date nights to come…