I Visited 4 Best Companies for Working Parents in Omaha (And Here’s What They’re Like)

best companies for working parents in omaha

Life is busy.

Now more than ever, we have dual working households which means parents are more stretched to strike a balance between professional and personal.

Which is why if you’re going to work somewhere, make sure its a place that supports working parents.

Not just in word or company manuals, but in action and deed.

After finding some great companies in Omaha, I wanted to specifically find the best places that support working parents in Omaha.

Here are my findings.


There are few places you walk in and out of and feel completely humbled and inspired by the experience.

Sojern was one of those places for me.

Every employee who I talked to had different “aha” moments shaped by previous working experiences. Here’s what I mean:

  • I remember my first week here, we didn’t start meetings here until 9 am Pacific time because the executives take their kids to school. In fact, one of my interview questions was “Do you get to take and pick up your kids from school?”
  • The thing that stuck out to me the most when I started was people walked out the door at 5. In other places, I would feel ashamed if I left at 5. People leave on time.
  • It’s one thing to be in an unfulfilled career that’s family friendly, but we have both.
  • I don’t ever see myself leaving Sojern.

So what would invoke such a passionate, dedicated group of people?

You might think the unlimited PTO, loaded snack area, generous medical benefits (including above average maternity/paternity leave), or flexibility have something to do with that, but these were secondary to what really mattered.

Trust and support.

The high level of trust was mentioned over and over again. This thread ran through all levels and positions in the organization.

This organically created support in the organization. You trust senior leadership to have your best interest, and they trust you to do your best work. In turn, supporting one another- whether in the office or at home- came naturally to the people at Sojern.

It’s easy to do your best work when your work environment gives you all the support and trust to do your best work.

Here’s what the people at Sojern want you to know:

  • This company is the whole package. We apologize if this is your first job.
  • You can do both- be a parent and have a career you enjoy.
  • People really support families here.

Industry: Travel Advertising

Location: 180th and Burke

Company Size: ~170 People


Verizon Media (Formerly Oath)

According to one Oath employee, their peers are some of the “smartest people in sweatpants” because you literally get to wear whatever you want to work.

And that’s just one of the many benefits that you’ll find at Oath that start the very first day you arrive.

This includes daily breakfast and lunch (I can attest it’s delicious), the “Cadillac” of mother’s rooms, child reimbursement bonus, generous paternity/maternity leave, and too many health/wellness benefits to contain in this blog post.

It didn’t take a lot of probing for the group of employees to tell me all the things they loved about their job- specifically as it related to being a parent.

The overarching themes were the ability to care for sick children, zip out for appointments, make it to school functions (which they allocate time for), and even resources for non-traditional families.

All of this made the Moms and Dads of Oath feel like you’re still able to be an active, loving parent while balancing a rewarding career.

Most notably is their internal parent support group- called PACT (Parents and Caregivers Together). This internal group includes speakers, perks for Mother’s/Father’s day,  care packages for maternity/paternity leave, and other family-friendly events.

In some companies, there are implied professional setbacks for taking parental leave or coming/going for kid-related activities, at Oath it doesn’t come against you.

Here’s what the people at Oath want you to know:

  • You tailor your job to your life and not the other way around.
  • I don’t have to put my career goals on hold because I have kids- I can do both simultaneously.
  • Because of everything this company provides, I won’t go anywhere else. They know what it takes for me to be a successful, working parent.

Industry: Digital Advertising

Location: 134th and Dodge

Company Size: ~14,000



In full disclosure, my husband works here.

You might think that a younger, start-up would be the last place you would look to find a career that supports families. You might be surprised at how they’re just the opposite.

One thing that many companies tout is their “family-friendly and supportive work environment”.  Their slack channel, Fly Parents, is one of many indications that they value families here.

In addition to the many perks, they get spoiled with- catered lunches, free snacks/beer, casual attire- the culture is very inclusive of families. For instance, employees are encouraged to bring their kids along to open houses and other company events.

I distinctly remember my husband receiving a bouquet of flowers when his Grandma passed away or personalized cookies with notes on Father’s day.

Take one look at their company team page and you’ll see many women in leadership roles. As a mom, this communicates to me that they have the diversity in leadership to empathize with working parents- both moms and dads.

Parental benefits were conceived even before they were needed it because they “wanted to accommodate for not only maternity leave, but maternity “returning” as well.”

Here’s what the people at Flywheel want you to know:

  • It’s not some far off unicorn. It can happen. You can work at a company that does care.
  • If you read this and your employer isn’t doing these things, ask them why not?
  • At Flywheel, everyone has a voice.

Industry: WordPress Hosting

Location: 14th and Harney

Company Size: ~200


Prime Time Healthcare

You know that saying it takes a village to raise a child? The people at Prime Time regard their fellow co-workers as that village.

Family is huge at Prime Time Healthcare. They understand that you have a life outside of work that might include school events, doctor’s appointments, or the dreaded “my kid threw up at daycare” call.

This is a normal part of life and you can pick up and go as needed- no one will bat an eye. In fact, there hasn’t been a time where you’re told “no” to your family.

Within the walls of the office, they regard their co-workers as family. There’s a culture of trust, flexibility, and communication that makes it possible for employees to attend to their family needs. It also makes them want to do their best work knowing that the company is employee-minded.

It doesn’t hurt that they offer several events throughout the year celebrating major holidays. And yes, families are invited and included.

Here’s what the people at Prime Time Healthcare want you to know:

  • Working here allows me to be the husband and dad I want to be.
  • I overheard my son say, “My Dad helps people find jobs, I want to be just like my dad when I grow up.”
  • It’s easy to build friendships here.

Industry:  Medical Recruiting

Location: 156th and Q

Company Size: ~125



We’re in an age of a talent shortage.

It’s very much a worker’s market and they know that they can have the best of both worlds.

People want to work at companies that have the benefits and flexibility that supports parents, but more importantly, a culture that stands by it.

Companies that choose to make that shift will reap the rewards of happy, engaged, and productive employees. The ones that don’t will find their top talent leaving to these companies.

Evolve or dissolve, yo.

So what happens next?

You may be reading this and think, “I’m quitting my job and applying at one of these companies.” Great!

Or you may be in a position of influence at your current company to move the pendulum. Even better!

If you’re serious about culture change, I would highly recommend giving the guys at Mindset a call. Their leadership training and development is transformational and will set you on the right path make your organization a desired workplace.

(Note: In no way did Mindset endorse or sponsor this post- no one did!)

Did I miss any great companies?

Hit me up in the comments below or send me a message!



  1. You should definitely come check out Fusion! Humble, Driven, Positive! The culture is like no other company I have worked at.