Want to Make a Bajillion Dollars? Steal One of My Ideas.

I’ve had a lot of great business ideas floating around and not enough passion, time, or funds to execute. Mainly the funds part. So I thought it’d be fun to tell the whole world about them and hopefully, someone would be able to execute this idea to the betterment of society as a whole.

A great idea is really not worth anything unless it can be executed and proven successful. So somebody please, STEAL MY IDEAS!!!

Disney/Pixar Eating App for Children

Imagine an app where you can select your child’s favorite character from a film and choose to have that character eating whatever food you want your child to eat. Picky eater? It’s cool, Cinderella eats eggplant, too. Afraid to try new things? Here’s a cute video of Buzz Lightyear chowing down on Salmon.

The creator of the app could make money by starting off with basic foods for free (broccoli, carrots, peas, etc.) and then charge for upgrades in terms of more characters and more food types.

Parents would eat this app up-pun intended. Also, you could easily make it in different languages to make it an internationally, lucractive idea.

Roomba for Non-Floor Surfaces

As a germaphobe, I know there’s got to be a huge market of like-minded parents who would pay a premium for cleanliness. Clean play places at your favorite restaurant, clean bounce house places, clean activity gyms (the kind with tunnels and slides), clean trampoline places, clean gymnastics places, mall play places, etc.

It’s too impractical for someone to use Lysol wipes to clean it, however, if we could automate it then we’re onto something.

Imagine if at night you could turn this machine on it and would go through the entire facility and sanitize it, sterilize it, and have it ready and fresh for the next day. You may have to change out some cleaning fluid and charge the battery pack, but it could remain pretty low maintenance.

The fear of germs and sickness in the winter would virtually disappear. Along with the smell of stinky feet.

Body Scanner to Get Accurate Measurements for Online Shopping

Everyone is doing everything online these days including online clothing shopping. But it’s so tough to know your exact size so you order it online and have the option to return it to a brick and mortar store in case it doesn’t work. Unless…that online boutique has no brick and mortar location. (And we all know how much of a hassle it is to repackage something and return it and pay the return shipping…ugh!)

Imagine a machine that looks similar to the TSA body scans at the airport that would quickly assess your size and provide you a profile. It would capture your waist size, top size, bra size, shoe size, leg size, etc. These units would be located at shopping malls and take only approximately 30 seconds for an accurate scan. You would have to come and scan yourself once every 3 months or so.

Then when you log onto shopping retailers who are “body scanner certified” it will immediately pull results for things that are your size and make the shopping experience seamless. If you’re shopping online for someone else, you can put in their unique ID and it would pull up items that are their size as well.

This will enhance the online buying experience and minimize the need to return items.

Please. Someone steal these ideas and invent these things so I can benefit from them along with everyone else!