Three Ways To Save Money That Most People Probably Aren’t Doing

Frugality is all the craze, right?! People are already talking about couponing, price matching, bulk buying, and borderline theft. I think all these tips have been well discussed and circulated through the internet.

So instead, I’m going to talk about three things I do that MOST people probably don’t.

Google A Coupon Code

This is the simplest of all, but when you go to checkout online and you see a box that says “Promo Code” then the first thing I do is Google the store name followed by the word “promo code”. I’ve literally saved anywhere from 15%-30% just for spending about 3 seconds googling that.

You should try it!

Offer to Write a Review

Quite literally twice within the last week I’ve pulled the line “Do you have any sort of a special or promo if I sign up for a newsletter?” What about if I write you a “Google review”?

I saved $10 on the spot at a cell phone screen repair place by simply writing a Google Review. It took me only a few minutes to do so.

I saved 50% off of an escape room by writing 3 reviews (Facebook, Yelp, and Google). This took me all but maybe 10 minutes.

I told someone about this method and she texted me and said “I told the Lawn Care Company that I would display their sign in my yard if they could incentivize me, I got $50 taken off my bill.”

Easy, right?!

Ask To See What They’ve Got “in the Back”

You know how sometimes you see an awesome deal on a Buy/Sell/Trade site?

The person listing it probably has other similar items that would be priced equally as well. I always ask them to see if they can check if they have any more items (that they haven’t posted).

90% of the time they have other items they can part with and therefore you have first dibs on it.


What are other money saving tips you have?






  1. haha you did that to me! “Oh by the way…do you have anything else you’re willing to part with?!” I’ll be going through my closet again soon and I’ll shoot you a message. Thanks for the tips. I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Haha! It’s true 🙂 This is my subtle hint at getting you to revisit your closet.