5 Date Night Ideas in Omaha- Round 2

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -Mignon McLaughlin

Date night is great.

For couples with young children, though, it can be lifeblood. Date Night gives you an opportunity to escape the title of “mom” and “dad” and for a moment relive what it was like to be a couple again.

We did a first round of date nights called We Tried 5 Date Night Ideas in Omaha and Here’s What We Think that gave us an opportunity to try many things we hadn’t done as a couple.

It was too fun. So naturally, we had to do it again. Here are 5 more date ideas:

1. Infinite Loop VR

I don’t drink Mountain Dew or Monster. Nor do I have a gaming chair and noise isolating headphones. In fact, I would have smug thoughts when I walked past video gaming chairs at the store thinking to myself, “how could someone waste so much time in front of a video game?”

I get it now. I want to play all the games, all the time.

Virtual reality game centers are all the rage on the West Coast and recently has made it’s way to Omaha with Infinite Loop VR. Upon walking in, you’ll notice there are 9 different bays separated by curtains. You can rent one bay or several at a time to do multi-player at the rate of $35/hour for each. Fairly affordable and a great option for double date. Each station had its own couch where non-players could view on the screen what the player was seeing.

Infinite Loop offers several different games and even for non-gamers such as myself, there was only a small learning curve to understand the controls. We played Arizona Sunshine which was exhilarating killing zombies and Loco Dojo which was charmingly fun (and kid friendly).

I was surprised how fun and non-nauseous the experience was.  The 2 hours we were there felt like no time at all. No wonder people can spend an entire day playing games. Not only was it fun as a date spot, I think families, teens, and groups would enjoy going here. If you’re a non-gamer, Infinite Loop VR will change your mind.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This: If you have a husband who was addicted to games and you made him get rid of his Xbox, this would be a way to help salve that heartbreak. I recommend and have recommended this as a date spot ever since and I truly believe anyone would have fun here.

Cost: $35/hour per bay


2. Omaha Ballroom

Can you dance? Can you not dance?

Either way, Omaha Ballroom has you covered. We arrived on a Monday evening for their “Beginner’s Smooth Dancing” which is as smooth as it sounds. There were 3 other couples and from what I could tell, we were all in this together and learning (and stepping on toes) together.

Our instructor was very patient and encouraging as she demonstrated new moves and gave us space to practice them out.  You know those moments when you look at your husband and think “Wow, I’m crushing on him big time?” That’s how I felt when Tommy put his best effort into dancing and especially when he took the lead.

We progressed through about 4 moves in our time there and it was a very relaxed effort. I think couples of all athletic ability could enjoy their time at Omaha Ballroom and it’s a great way to learn a “life” skill as a couple. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rock out at a wedding?!? (which they have wedding lessons, too!)

Fun Fact: Elizabeth, the owner, also coordinated Omaha Dancing With The Stars so she’s the real deal!

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This: If either or both of you consider yourselves “non-dancers” then Omaha Ballroom could change your mind. The different variety of dance styles will really branch out your dancing abilities and at an extremely affordable price.

Cost: Private Lessons are $85/hour and 10 Group Classes for Couples are only $59


3. The Dinner Detective

How does forced extrovertism sound?! Awesome, right?!?!

After we checked in we were told to come up with fake identities and start mingling with everyone else there to “feel people out”. The actors were among the crowd so it would give us an edge to start meeting other couples. Tommy and I assumed new identities as Clyde and Sylvia.

The Dinner Detective is an interactive murder mystery dinner. Despite the “murder” part, it is actually a light-hearted and humorous experience. Actors portraying detectives presented clues mixed with witty banter throughout various points during the evening. I loved how they involved the audience- interviewing random people and asking them to perform ridiculous tasks.

If you fear attention then there is no guarantee that you won’t get picked, but the crowd size was small enough (about 60-70 people) that it might not be entirely intimidating. Even being an observer the entire time, Tommy and I got a huge kick out of everything we saw and felt engaged in the experience. At the end, we were given sheets to guess who the killer was by using the clues given throughout the evening. It was harder than I thought.

The dinner choices (salmon, chicken, or vegetarian) were surprisingly yummy and the wait service was good!

Bonus, it’s held at the DoubleTree Hotel downtown which means COOKIES!

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This: If you were planning on going out to dinner, why not make it a dinner detective dinner? It was fun to meet new couples, engage in solving the crime, and enjoy delicious food. Highly recommend if you want to try something that is unusual and potentially out of your comfort zone.

Cost: Approx. $55/person for a 3-hour experience including dinner, dessert, and gratuity.


4. Approach Rock Climbing Gym

I have major respect for rock climbers, it is legit challenging, but legit fun.

Can I let you in on a secret? Once a month, Approach does this thing called “Date Night” where they have an onsite babysitter for your kids while you and your significant other get to climb rock walls or go out on the town- whichever you choose.

And it’s not like the other “date nights” offers where the kids are stuck in front of a movie and fed sugary snacks (which will bite you in butt 2 hours later), but they were in a FUN room with kid-friendly rock walls, slides, and swings. My kids did not want to leave.

We arrived around 5 PM on a Saturday and were welcomed by the friendly staff including a few dogs and some geckos. I recommend to showing up early and not hungry. There are some formalities involved in filling out waivers, getting fitted for gear, and learning the rules of the wall that all take place before any climbing does. But once that’s done, it’s incredibly fun to try out the different walls.

Every wall is self-serve and the other secret…this place was not busy. Like not at all. There were maybe 4-6 other climbers and we definitely did not have to wait in line for anything. In fact, our kids were the only ones in the kids room. Once you finish climbing, you will be tired and your fingers may hurt but you will also feel amazing because you worked out on a date night.

Bonus: Your kids will sleep well and they’ll probably be begging to come back.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This: If you’re an adventurous couple and are moderately “in shape” then this is perfect for you. If you have kids that like to climb, this will be a perfect date night for them as well. This was a date night, but more like a family night too, and the kids LOVED being involved.

Cost: $40 for Date Night and for a Day Pass/All Gear for each adult is $27 dollars.


5. Joe’s Karting

One word: adrenaline.

I know someone is thinking this, but technically this place is in Council Bluffs and not Omaha, but CB is on the edge of Omaha so I call fair game.

I grew up eagerly waiting to be tall enough to finally do the go carts at Fun Plex and when I reached that height, it was a bit anti-climatic so it was safe to say I had my reservations about Joe’s Karting. Let me clear the air on this, Joe’s Karting is way more intense than Fun Plex go carting.

We went with another couple on this date and each race was (I believe) 8 laps around. Our first time around, the ladies took a more cautious approach braking on the turns while the guys were crazy men with awakened spirits of teenage boys. I’ve never seen my husband so giddy about cutting me off. What was great is we were able to see our fastest time around the track so that we could improve the second time around.

We sat and chatted while we watched other groups and racers get on the track. It didn’t feel rushed and was a great way to hang out. Armed with the knowledge that it would be a slim chance I could flip the go cart over, I turned on the crazy and shaved off 5 seconds off my fastest time for the first go around. I love my Sienna, but go carting gave me an opportunity to drive like the maniac I always envisioned I could be.

It was a fun experience all around and made for those who like a bit of danger.

What Type of Couple Would Enjoy This: Really great place for group or double dates. Also, great for those who vicariously like to drive like teenagers, but have adult responsibilities. If you want some adrenaline in your life, Joe can deliver!

Cost: Single Races start at $15/per person and are cheaper as you go up.



These dates were fun and kinda all over the place! Have you been to any of them before? If not, which one do you think you’ll try?

Let me know and you’ll be entered to win ONE hour at TWO bays at Infinite Loop VR- perfect for multiplayer or double dating. This giveaway is valued at $70 and a winner will be selected next Tuesday, May 8th at 9 PM.

Good luck!



  1. The rock climbing date sounds pretty appealing! Thanks for the continuing string of ideas!!

    1. Thanks for reading, and yes, your kids would LOVE rock climbing!

  2. We have been to the detective dinner. We had a blast and would go again. Definitely want to try Joe’s Karting and Infinite Loop.

    1. Both of those are definitely must do’s!

  3. We loved going to Joes Karting before kids! ????

    1. It’s still fun with kids!

  4. I’ve attended Dinner Detective and agree it’s quite a fun date night. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Isn’t it though?!? Those actors were fantastic, good luck on the drawing!

  5. We have been to Infinite Loop with our kids. I think we would have fun go karting or doing the mystery dinner!

    1. So fun! Yes, both of those are great options to try!

  6. We love Approach but didn’t know about Date night! And my husband would love Infinite Loop 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, definitely take advantage of their date night offering and your kids will thank you!

  7. My husband is a big gamer!! We would totally try infinite loop. We would love approach and a murder mystery dinner 🙂

    1. You would love all those!

  8. All of these are great ideas and places that I had never heard of! Can’t wait to try them all but we will probably do the VR first since my hubs is a huge gamer and is always trying to get me to play with him! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you found this article useful! Everything here was a “first” for us as well and so, so much fun!

  9. I’ve been looking for a fun dinner murder mystery location and that sounds like my first pick. But they all sound fantastic!

    1. To my understanding, it’s the only one in Omaha and it was done very well. You guys would love it!

  10. I am so intrigued by the rock climbing date!!!!

    1. You should check it , and if you have kids, definitely take advantage of their date night offering!

  11. We will for sure try the vr games!

    1. You and Matt would LOVE it!

  12. The murder mystery dinner sounds fun! Would love to try sometime.

    1. Yes, it was so much fun! Make sure to ask them for free cookies…

  13. Given my wife and I are huge gamers (we met on World of Warcraft stangely enough!), Infinite Loop would definitely be a go-to for us. A mystery dinner would be a close second!

    1. It does sound like Infinite Loop VR is your perfect date spot. And if you like the gaming aspect, the mystery dinner would definitely be a good choice. Really can’t go wrong with either!

  14. I am so excited to see your post and had to check out the article! Been looking for new date night options! Joe’s sounds fun, the VR experience is Definitely on hubby’s list and the dinner detective date is enticing as well! Thanks for the review!!

    1. Thanks, Jenn! I appreciate the sweet words! Definitely give these a try, there wasn’t a single one that I didn’t like.

  15. Ummm, all of them? I love doing surprise date night for my husband and usually just get a sitter and tell him what to wear. This gives me several new ideas, thanks!

    1. Oooh, I like that idea. Funny thing is for a few of these, my husband didn’t know about them until we were driving there. Have fun and good luck!

  16. Would love to try VR and the ballroom dancing!

    1. So fun! Those two seem to be a big hit with everyone!

  17. I just stumbled upon your blog from a fb post. I loved reading about these different date night options in Omaha! I want to try ALL of them! (Well not the rock climbing) I think my first choice would be the go karts. I grew up driving on the freeways of Southern CA. Sometimes I miss that crazy driving! I briefly scrolled past some of your other blogs and I can’t wait to go back and read them. Especially the meal delivery one. So glad I found your page!

    1. Hi Michelle, good having you here! The go carting is pretty intense, but it sounds like it’s “normal” driving for you. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. We would probably both really like Infinite Loop! I also like the dinner detective and approach rock climbing as unique ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Who says you have to try just one??? We did all these over the course of 6 weeks so definitely spread them out.

  19. I want to try VR!! It sounds like tons of fun!

    1. Yes, you and Ryan would LOVE it!

  20. All of them sound great.! My husband loves videogames. So, it would be a fun surprise for him. The next date would be dance lessons though. ????

    1. He gets video games, you get dance lessons. That seems like a fair trade to me.

  21. We’ve done infinite loop VR and are dying to go back. I beat my husband in pretty much everything in loco dojo. Being that my husband is a video game nerd, this was like winning the olympics for me.

    1. Hahaha! We’ve been itching (mainly me) to get back. That Loco Dojo is addictive!!!

  22. I haven’t tried any of these but the Infinite Loop one sounds super fun!

    1. You’ll love it no doubt!

  23. Thanks for the fun ideas. It is amazing that we forget or don’t know about these places. I used to love go-carts so that would be a blast to try! And, it is so sweet to hear about you and Tommy on dates.

    1. Hope you guys are able to get out and try some of these!

  24. My husband has been begging me to go do VR. I’ve been hesitate but after reading this I think this is what we will do on our next date night. Thank you for the great review!

    1. I was reluctant too (mainly for the nausea aspect), but it was SO MUCH FUN! I’m Omaha’s newest gamer 😉

  25. We have only done the Dinner Detective — but I’ve been dying to get out to Omaha Ballroom! Maybe if I take the husband on a VR date, he will take me dancing ???? A girl can dream, right?

    1. That sounds pretty fair to me…

  26. I can’t wait to try Infinite VR!! My husband works love that!!

    1. So fun, good luck on the drawing!

  27. The VR place and karting sounds fun! Thanks for posting this!

    1. Both are great choices, thanks for reading!

  28. We’re super stoked to try out the VR game date night tonight!!! I’m so glad you posted or else we’d never have known!

    1. You’ll have to let me know how it was, glad you were able to find a fun spot to go to!

  29. We haven’t tried any but would be interested in trying all. It’s so fun to experience new things with your spouse. #makingmemories

    1. Yes, these 5 were all new to us so it was so fun to get to try them!

  30. Omgsh I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. ???? I hope to try all 4!

    1. Glad you did too! There’s 5 total so don’t forget the last one 😉

  31. The VR date night sounds like fun! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. It is super tons fun! Thanks for reading!

  32. I would love to try the mystery dinner!

    1. It was really fun, you’d love it!

  33. These ideas all look amazing! We will definitely have to try a few. I would especially like to try the rock climbing!

    1. Yes, they are! Good luck on the draw!

  34. I’ve heard the VR thing is sweet! Go-karts are always fun tho! We just need to do more date nights!