There’s Needs to Be Food Reviews for Those Niche Items

Ok fellow Target moms. Don’t the new Archer Farms or Market Pantry products catch your eye? I remember when they came out with the Tikka Masala dinner that included everything except the chicken. I wanted so badly to whip out my Amazon app, scan the barcode, and know immediately if it was 4 stars or higher.

Or what about when you take your monthly saga to Costco to load up on all the bulk items you can freeze to reheat as easy dinners. I’ve always wondered about specific products and if they’re any good. So I thought, why not dedicate an entire category of my blog to just reviewing these items. (Side note: Good thing Costco has the most generous return policy and I’ve literally returned things with the reason “it didn’t taste good”)

Yeah, I know the stuff that Amazon has reviews, but most of those items are non-perishable. I’m talking about the niche items at Target or the frozen items at Costco- those things need reviews!

Making food is fun.

Eating it is funner.

Someone had to do the hard work- I volunteer as tribute!

So here’s the scoop

I’ll be giving it a rating based on 3 criteria.

  1. Taste/Visual Appeal– Will my kids eat it? Will my husband eat it? Would I buy it again?
  2. Ease of Preparation- Is it fool proof? How long does it take to get it on the table? Will there be lots of dishes?
  3. Nutritional Value– Will I have to double down on a workout the next day? Do I feel like a good parent feeding it to my children?

Periodically, I may throw in some recipe reviews as well from those meal delivery services such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc. One thing that’s for sure, no one can pay me for a positive review. These will always be my honest, unbiased reviews. I pinky promise.

Is there something you’d like me to start by reviewing?