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Love Stories

I recently published the last story for the Pain Project series last week. To say that working through this series was humbling somehow doesn’t it do it justice. I cried with people and cried even when writing these stories. My heart was broken for so many people, but my compassion was lit up. I feel in some small way that I understand the world a tiny bit better. Maybe it was that way for you, too.

There was so much sadness in these post that it felt “right” to move towards a more light-hearted subject- at least for the time being. I’m excited that over the next few months I’ll be meeting with couples to do a series called “Love Stories”.

Love in the movies is great and all, but how many of us can agree that it’s portrayal is hard to identify with? We need to recognize all the complexities of love including through major life changes, through hardships, and even in its absence.

These are real love stories. The ones that may never make it in a book or big screen, but maybe through telling them we can set up the next generation of married people for success.

Who’s with me?

If you know a great love story please contact me or email