For Those Who Neither Hate Resolutions Nor Love Them

According to Business Insider, about 80% fail their New Year’s Resolutions by February. No wonder so many of us don’t love them.

Then there’s a group that swears off resolutions. Perhaps jaded by past failures or unmet expectations, they vow that they’re not the “type” to make them.

So are you part of the pro-resolution or anti-resolution camp?

I’d like to declare myself neutral. Instead, I have some other things I’m setting my sights on for 2018.

Instead of Goals, Think Formations

To be honest, I stole this from Jeff Bethke but I’m going to paraphrase this thought in my own words. He talked about how making goals can sometimes leave us feeling a bit defeated (see above) because you’re left to accomplish or fail. Formations work a little bit differently.

You see, formations aren’t behavior-based changes like a checklist but operate more like little habits that evolve your identity. If you’ve done 80% of your resolutions, it’s easy to feel guilty about the 20% you missed. With formations, however, 80% is a pretty significant improvement from where you were at.

Goals seek end results. Formations say there are victories along the way.

Reflect on what habits were life-giving for you in 2017 and so you have a clear idea of what you hope to do more of in 2018.

You Can’t Have It All, Always

I may be most guilty of this.

When we add a resolution or goal, we fail to account for the time and effort it will take and consequently, we don’t remove something to create that margin.

So if you’re already busy, stressed, and maxed out…what’s the likelihood that adding a goal on top of that will help you? (hint: it won’t)

I was recently listening to a Biz Chix Podcast that was around this very concept of goal-setting and to start with the end in mind. What I got from this was that very often we’re trying to balance our life in equilibrium. This is nearly impossible to do. Something will always get more attention in your life. Downer, I know.

But here’s the cool thing. You get to choose what that is. (Even in not choosing, one will be self-chosen)

So let’s say you make a “formation” to grow your business. You need to recognize where it might take some focus away from other areas of your life including your family, your health, your hobbies, etc. Doing this for a sustainable period of time is ok. Doing it for a long period of time is not ok.

Likewise, if you decide that you need to focus on your health. What other areas need to let up or be let up to accomplish this?

Remember, perfect equilibrium is near dang impossible to accomplish so if you plan out how you will delegate your year then you get to call all the shots on what 2018 looks like.

So Cam, what habits will you look to increase in 2018?

I’d like to continue to be intentional about spending time in the Word/Prayer but also start journaling more regularly.

From this overflow, I want to look at ways to serve and love my family, friends, and community better. Specifically really focus on our marriage and loving my husband/kids well. As we prepare to move into a new house, we are already envisioning ways to open up our home to everyone (more on that later).

Regarding this blog, I want to continue to push the envelope on the content that I’ll be publishing including unexpected collaborations, a new blog series, and miscellaneous thoughts I have in the shower.

What about you?