The Pain Project

The Pain Project

This idea has been swirling in my mind for the last several months and I’m excited to finally share with you all a project that I’ll be releasing this upcoming Fall.

What is the Pain Project?

Throughout this Summer I’ll be meeting individually with people who are willing to tell their story of pain. This could include illness, death, infidelity, addiction, abuse, trauma, guilt, confessions, or even loneliness. I’m going after the deepest, darkest things that no one may ever know about you.

Heavy stuff. I know.

But the whole point isn’t to be heavy for the sake of heaviness. I want to uncover and know everything that comes with this pain, the things that most of us don’t understand, but probably should. I want to know how it affects you and those around you. I want you to have the freedom to tell me your story without judgment. Perhaps most importantly, I want you to be a voice for others in your situation because I promise you, there are probably others in your situation.

You can choose to be known or remain anonymous. This is your story. My role is to listen and help you tell it.

At the end of each post, I would like to impart a call-to-action so people can do something about what they’ve read- whether it’s donating to a non-profit or simply doing a charitable act. Let’s be moved to action and find tangible ways to make an impact.

Who wants to chat? Email or fill out the Contact form.


  1. I am a survivor of Post Partum Depression and Anxiety disorder. I am happy to tell my story of pain, sadness, guilt, and acceptance if you are interested in hearing it.

    1. Kelly,

      All stories are considered as I think many people can benefit from hearing this, please email me at so we can further the discussion and coordinate a time to speak 🙂

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